Company Profile

SilahQan is an online store beauty and health reliable that has been present in Indonesia for providing quality products and original to care for beauty and health. Over the past 2 years we have been providing the best beauty products and we are where you get the solution of all your problems,
we supply ranging from head, until your legs. Additionally we not only provide products for women, but we also supply products to maintain health and care for men.

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Why shopping at SilahQan?

1. Reliable
We have been engaged in online business for 2 years, our products have been popular web sites such as Tokopedia, and elevania. In addition a team of HR silahQan is always evolving and trying to provide the best service to you as evidenced by constantly update beauty products and the latest and most good health.

2. their WARRANTY
We strive to provide the best products and always ready to be sent to you by examining the quality of the product that you will receive. If there is damage to the product due to our shipping error, then we will replace.

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4. Goods Quality, affordable prices! In addition to always present a quality product for you, the price of the products we provide not make your wallet thins, even we always provide exciting discounts and promos every time!

5. Fast delivery. After you transfer (during working hours of the clock 10-3 pm), we will immediately respond, we send the goods directly ready, PO goods directly informed.

6. Once again, we care about your beauty, our professional staff will serve you with a friendly and provide your required beauty solutions.
If you are not satisfied, reported directly to us.

We are committed to serve you quickly and precisely. but if we mostly order, we thank you for your patience.